Mama the Musical

Book by Nancy S. Munger, Lyrics by Nancy S. Munger and Jennifer Scriggins Brummett, Music by Jennifer Scriggins Brummett, Arrangements by Adam C. Wright

“I could go on (and on!) about how much I enjoyed this show, but the simple fact is, anyone who’s had a mama – and I’m pretty sure that’s all of us – has got to see ‘Mama the Musical’… I guarantee you’ll laugh, and you’ll probably even cry. But you won’t leave disappointed.”     Patron Spotlight Review by Rusty Harding

“I am in love with this SHOW. Totally in love.” Rachael Lindley, Artistic Director, Richardson Theatre Centre.

“This is a ‘chic flic’ that fellas will enjoy.” Al Currie Cuisine & Culture.

MAMA THE MUSICAL is an evening of Love! It is a series of vignettes and musical numbers about the joys and sorrows of mothers and daughters.  It takes the audience on a journey from a woman’s pregnancy to the growing up and leaving home of a daughter and death of a mother.  It is a celebration of the mother/daughter relationship.  Some of the vignettes are very realistic and some are quite fantastic.

MAMA THE MUSICAL is easy and inexpensive to produce! The play can be done with as few as four women, or more if you have them!  It calls for women of varying ages. The stage set can be minimal, and costumes, settings, and props can be suggestions.  Scene changes can be done quickly during musical and spoken interludes.


Samples of script:


Baby Shower

Things Were Different Then

Interlude Samples

Maude and Elaine

The Send-Off

Samples of music:

Opening – Song of Origin

Soon You’ll Forget All the Pain

How To Be a Woman

I Can Be Another Girl 


Sage’s Lament

I Just Look Up 

Finale – Song of Origin