Mama the Musical – The Send-Off – Sample Script

The Send-Off

(#1 ANGEL is in some cloud-like, heavenly office.  She is working on some heavenly-looking computer.  She works for a moment then completes.)

#1 ANGEL:  All right then.  That should do it for right now.  (Calling to offstage.)  Gabriella?  Gabriella?

(Enter #2 ANGEL.)

#2 ANGEL:  Did you call me, Angelique?  I’m sorry.  I was answering the Prayer Line.

#1 ANGEL:  That Prayer Line has been so busy lately.

#2 ANGEL:  It sure has!  I am grateful, though, that humans are actually using it.  It’s been a while catching on!

#1 ANGEL:  Yes, that’s true.  Well, I’m about ready to pack up and go home.  My shift is over.  I’ve got relatives coming in from Earth tonight and I need to be ready to welcome them.  They’ll be confused.  It will be a car accident.

#2 ANGEL:  Oh, my.  Yes, yes.  However, according to my records we have one more send-off.

#1 ANGEL:  Another one?

#2 ANGEL:  Yes, she’s ready to go.

#1 ANGEL:  All right.  Send her in.

#2 ANGEL:  Yes, Angelique.  She’s waiting outside.  I’ll go get her.  Come in, dear.

(Enter young girl, LAUREN.)

#2 ANGEL:  Lauren, this is the Angel Angelique.  She is in charge of Children Assignment.

#1 ANGEL:  Hello, Lauren.

LAUREN:  Hello.

#1 ANGEL:  Well, Lauren, we have evaluated your requests for a mother and matched them with the requests from a woman.  I think we have found the perfect woman for your time on earth.  Come over here and take a look at her.

(We see JANET whom we saw at the beginning of the play sitting in her rocking chair, very pregnant, looking through her book of names.)

#2 ANGEL:  Do you see her, dear?

LAUREN:  Yes, I can see.   What’s she doing?

#1 ANGEL:  She’s reading a book of names.  She’s trying to decide who you are and what your name should be.

LAUREN:  Doesn’t she know my name is Lauren?

#2 ANGEL:  Not yet.  But she will soon.

LAUREN:  She’s very pretty.

#1 ANGEL:  Yes, she is.

LAUREN:  Is she nice?

#1 ANGEL:  Most of the time.

LAUREN:  Is she smart?

#2 ANGEL:  Sometimes.  She tries.

LAUREN:  Do you think she will like me?

#1 ANGEL:  I think she will like you very much.

LAUREN:  Will I like her?

#1 ANGEL:  Sometimes you will and sometimes you won’t.  Liking your mother depends on many things.

LAUREN:  Things like what?

#1 ANGEL:  Oh, lots of things.  What kind of day your mother has had.  What kind of mood she is in.  What kind of mood you are in.  What your friends are doing.  How old you are.  How well you listen to each other.  You must always try very hard to listen to each other.

LAUREN:  Won’t we be able to listen to each other? I’ll be right there with her.

#1 ANGEL:  Well, you would think so.  But sometimes it is very hard for humans to hear one another.

LAUREN:  Isn’t that weird?

#1 ANGEL:  Yes, it is.

#2 ANGEL:  Well, dear.  It’s time.  Ready to go?

LAUREN:  Well, I guess so.  I’m a little nervous.

#1 ANGEL:  Oh, you’ll be fine, dear.

LAUREN:  Okay.

#2 ANGEL:  Right this way.

(LAUREN begins to exit.)

#1 ANGEL:  Goodbye dear.  Gabriella, be sure to give her the Prayer Line contact.

#2 ANGEL:  Yes, yes.  I did.  Goodbye Lauren.  We’ll be watching you.

#1 ANGEL:  Yes.  We’ll be watching over you.

(Suddenly LAUREN reappears and whispers to JANET)

LAUREN:  Lauren!

(JANET feels a twinge in her belly.  She gives a gasp.  She thinks a moment and then calls to offstage. )

JANET:    Bob?  Bob?  How do you like the name Lauren?