Mama the Musical – Baby Shower – Scene Sample

Baby Shower – Scene Sample

 (Lights up on group of women.  One very pregnant woman, JESSICA, is unwrapping a baby shower gift.   She holds up a little pink dress and everyone says, “Ahhh.” )

JESSICA:  Oh this is so cute!!

MAGGIE:  How darling.

KAREN:  It’s so pink!  Oh, I love pink.  My boys won’t wear pink.

(All laugh)

JESSICA:  Of course not, Karen.  I hope you don’t even try to make them.

KAREN:  Jessica, you are so lucky you are having a girl!

JESSICA:  Oh, I know.  I’m really happy.

MAGGIE:  Yeah, girls are the best!

JESSICA:  Thank you so much for giving me this shower.  I really appreciate everything.

KAREN:  You are welcome.  This is the most exciting time of your life.  Bringing a new person into the world!  You deserve a party!!

MAGGIE:  You sure do.  Just wait and see what you are in for!  How about a piece of cake?  It looks great!

JESSICA:  I’d love some!  It looks beautiful.  I have really been craving the sugar lately.  Actually, I’ve been craving everything!

MAGGIE:  Yeah, isn’t it amazing how much you can eat when you’re pregnant?  Eating for two, and all that!

JESSICA:  It is amazing!

KAREN:  Yeah.  I gained 60 pounds when I had my boys.  I worked and worked to lose it.  They’re five now and I haven’t lost an ounce.  You know, they say the weight you gain in pregnancy is the hardest of all to lose.

MAGGIE:  Have you gained much Jessica?  Doesn’t look to be too much.

JESSICA:  I’ve gained a little.

MAGGIE:  Well, you still have, what, a month and half to go?  That’s when you gain the most.  In the last month.  Right Karen?

KAREN:  Oh, yes, you’re right.  I gained 40 pounds in about three weeks and I’m still carrying it.  I think it is hormone-based.  You know they say your whole body changes when you’re pregnant.  And that it changes forever.

MAGGIE:  Yeah, you are never the same again. I know my body changed.  I went up three bra sizes while I was pregnant with Kimberly.  Two years later, I still have it!  Guess it’s not all bad!

KAREN:  I used to wear size 7 shoes, too.  Now, I’m lucky if I can get into a size 8!

MAGGIE:  Me, too.  Me, too.  My feet grew a size and a half!  Now they won’t stop!  They just seem to be getting bigger and bigger!

KAREN:  Mine, too!  I had to buy all new shoes after the boys were born.  Who thought even your feet would expand?!  (MAGGIE and KAREN laugh.)  Man, oh, man!  Want  some punch, Jessica?  Here’s your cake.  Ummm!  Eat up while you can!

MAGGIE:  Karen, did you have a difficult birth with your boys.  I was in labor with my Kimberly for 24 hours.  I can’t imagine having two at the same time like you did!

KAREN:  Oh, my God!  That was such a day!  My water broke about two in the morning.  Why is it your water always breaks in the middle of the night?  I guess that’s better than it breaking while you’re strolling through some department store or something.

MAGGIE:  Mine did.  That’s just what happened to me.  I was in Macys trying to find some new make-up.  My skin had turned all splotchy and puffy and I was desperate!  Anyway, I’m standing there and all of a sudden – bloop – all down my leg!

(MAGGIE and KAREN laugh)

JESSICA:  You don’t have any warning or anything?

MAGGIE:  No.  Honey, everything from now on is going to be a surprise, right, Karen?