Interludes – Mama the Musical – Samples

MAMA THE MUSICAL contains a series of short “interludes,” monologues or duets which are short, poetic speeches that allude to the plight of mothers and daughters and also cover the scene change.



NARRATOR:    My daughter, listen carefully for your song.  If you are quiet, you can hear it in your heart.  It is your soul speaking to you.  Your song will lift you and carry you through your whole life.  Know, however, it won’t always be the same.  There will be changes as you move through your life.  Sometimes it will be fast.  Sometimes the pace will slow.  It will have many verses and many variations.  Sing your song so others will know who you are.  Sing your song so you will know who you are.




NARRATOR:    My daughter, I want to hear your song.  Your beautiful, amazing song.  Because you are here, I have joy.  Because you are here, I have peace.  Everything has changed forever because you are here.  We are a duet.  Let us sing our songs together in perfect harmony, at least sometimes.  Two solos singing side-by-side.