Curse of the Flamingos

By Nancy S. Munger

Selected as one of the finalists in the Echo Reads Series and received a staged reading by Echo Theater, Dallas, Texas in May 2016.

Two Acts. 3 Women, 5 Men. Two settings.


Mary Moore is a young woman who feels trapped in her home where she lives and works with her father at the Star Theater in a small town. Because of her past, she feels she cannot leave. To ease her tension, she smashes glass windows around the town.
Her family and friends want to help her escape. Her father, Barry Moore, loves the art of the movies and wants her to join him. Her friend Buena Vista wants her to invest in her business of home furnishings because beautiful surroundings are the answer. The Sheriff, Bob Roberts, just wants her to grow up and “do right.” The local preacher, Imright Anyurnaught, wants to save her soul.

In the meantime, she struggles with the other parts of her personality. Larry Moore is the brave one and wants to leave and start a new life. The Flamingo wants to keep her safe in the environment she knows.

The play is a quirky look at confronting and dealing with the past and trying to move on into the future.


Main set is an old-style movie theater lobby which should include a candy counter, popcorn machine, and some kind of glass flamingo window or decorative screen. Only other setting is Mary’s bedroom which is minimal but must have a closet.


MARY MOORE: Woman in her late twenties or early thirties.
BARRY MOORE: Instead of being a frustrated actor, Barry Moore is a frustrated “movie artist.” We mostly see him at the trap window to his office.
BUENA VISTA: A friend to Mary even though she doesn’t understand why Mary does the things she does. Buena is a retired stripper, probably in her forties. She is still attractive in an earthy way. Her new career is holding home décor parties. She sells home decoration.
SHERIFF BOB ROBERT: Stereotypical small-town sheriff. Good ol’ boy. Likes steak and potatoes. Loves being sheriff.
BROTHER IMRIGHT ANYURNAUGHT: Slick televangelist preacher who is building a TV studio outside town.
LARRY MOORE: A part of Mary.
FLAMINGO: A part of Mary.
BILLY BOB: Deputy we only hear over the walkie-talkie.

Sample Dialogue